Our Work
Bump, with its state-of-the-art technology, presents a pioneering financial platform aimed at empowering creators and freelancers to secure their livelihood. It aims to revolutionize traditional financing by providing essential resources, backing, and funds access.
Web App
UX Research
Marketing Ads
About The Project
The birth of Bump entailed an understanding of creators' needs and crafting a system to fulfill them. We dived deep into the market, analyzing existing platforms and user behaviors, and identified key features that would set us apart.

Following the identification of required features, we materialized our concepts into detailed wireframes and prototypes backed by our research. Prior to the launch of the MVP version of Bump in 2023, we conducted several rounds of product testing with potential users to refine our ideas.
Financial Management
Our dashboard is a comprehensive solution allowing users to have a swift overview of their financial information. The dashboard provides details on upcoming payments, historical transactions, and an option to set up automated payments to avoid any due date misses!
Investment and Spending Tracking
With Bump, users have the facility to monitor their investments and expenditures over time, providing them with a clear financial picture. Detailed yearly reports on savings and investments along with estimated returns aid users in setting future financial objectives while staying updated on their current progress.
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