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OnStrategy is a dedicated solution provider assisting CEOs, Chief Strategy Officers, Executive Directors, and Superintendents in forging sustainable growth and impact through strategic planning and agile implementation.
Web App
UX Research
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About The Project
Our collaboration with OnStrategy centered on revitalizing their existing website and web application. Acknowledging the importance these platforms held for high-level executives, our aim was to streamline user experience and functionality.

We began by studying the existing design and extracting insights from user feedback and usage patterns. This guided us through the redesign process, leading to the successful re-launch of the improved website and web application in 2023, bolstering OnStrategy's commitment to efficient strategic planning and implementation.
Our work on the OnStrategy website was centered on presenting a user-friendly, intuitive, and informative platform that showcases the company's offerings in an easily accessible way. We designed a clean layout with clear navigation, ensuring visitors can quickly find the services or software solutions they are seeking.

We also incorporated rich content like case studies, articles, and tutorials, to help visitors understand the value proposition of OnStrategy and its potential to facilitate their strategic planning and implementation process.
Web Application
The OnStrategy web application is a powerhouse of strategic planning and execution, designed to serve as a daily tool for decision-makers. It features an interactive dashboard that allows users to visualize and track their strategic progress over time. Additionally, users can add, manage, and update their strategic initiatives and KPIs, making the app a central repository for all strategic information.

We also introduced collaboration features that allow users to work together with their teams, fostering a seamless and efficient planning process. In essence, we aimed to create a tool that can turn strategic plans into manageable actions.
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