Our Work
Pallo is a self-accounting application specifically designed to empower self-employed individuals with comprehensive and user-friendly financial management tools.
Web App
Mobile App
UX Research
About The Project
In our partnership with Pallo, we revitalized their existing website and developed a new web application from the ground up. We began by enhancing the website based on user feedback and usage patterns.

Simultaneously, we helped build a new application tailored to the financial management needs of self-employed individuals. The successful launch of both projects in 2023 showcased Pallo's commitment to accessible self-accounting tools.
Web Application
Our design of the Pallo web application aimed at providing an intuitive, holistic financial management solution for the self-employed.

The addition of automated features and reminders simplifies bookkeeping tasks, and the integration of a secure cloud-based system ensures users can access their data anytime, anywhere, keeping them in control of their financial health.
Landing Page
We ensured that Pallo's website was designed as a welcoming gateway into the world of self-accounting. With a user-friendly interface, clear navigation, and comprehensive information on Pallo's offerings, visitors can quickly find the features and support they need.

Detailed guides and FAQs were added to help new users navigate the world of self-accounting with confidence.
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