Our Work
Flowcode is a dynamic QR code generator for all types of businesses, integrating comprehensive analytics to facilitate greater user engagement and understanding.
Mobile App
Web App
About The Project
Our objective was to create a tool that was not just user-friendly, but also provided valuable insights to businesses for improved decision-making. We carried out exhaustive market research, studied user behaviors, and identified essential features that could provide Flowcode a competitive edge in the QR code generator market.

Following the research, we initiated the creation of detailed wireframes and data-backed prototypes. Each feature was refined through numerous testing phases involving potential users. Feedback was collected, analyzed, and integrated into the product, ensuring that the final version was robust and met users' needs.
Web Application
The Scan To Own product is a game-changer in the QR code sphere, allowing businesses to customize QR codes that, when scanned, provide users with the option to purchase the product directly. This eliminates the need for multiple steps between discovery and purchase, providing a smooth customer journey.

We also ensured the Scan To Own feature includes robust analytics, enabling businesses to track scans, conversions, and gather data on customer preferences for future marketing strategies.
Landing pages
We focused on creating engaging and aesthetically pleasing pages that businesses could customize to align with their brand. These pages are designed to load quickly upon scanning the QR code, providing users with an immediate, satisfying experience.

Each landing page is integrated with comprehensive analytics, helping businesses track user engagement, duration of visits, and conversion rates, providing invaluable insights for growth.
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