Our Work
Eat This Much is a forward-thinking and user-friendly platform that simplifies meal planning through its personalized and comprehensive solutions, making nutrition effortless and accessible to everyone.
Web App
UX Research
About The Project
Our journey in developing the Eat This Much platform began with understanding the multifaceted challenges of meal planning for a diverse range of dietary needs and preferences. We aimed to design a service that caters to anyone, from a busy professional requiring optimized nutrition, to a dedicated athlete seeking specific macro splits.

Our comprehensive approach encompassed exhaustive market research, understanding user personas, and charting out unique features that could transform meal planning into an uncomplicated and enjoyable process.
Meal Management Dashboard
Our Meal Management Dashboard presents a comprehensive overview of users' daily and weekly meal plans. Users can view detailed information about their meals, including nutritional values, preparation time, and ingredient list. They also have the option to substitute meals based on their preference or availability of ingredients. The dashboard allows users to log their meals, track their nutritional intake, and even generate a grocery list, providing a seamless bridge between meal planning and shopping.
Meal Plan Creation Flow
Our Meal Plan Creation feature is a game-changer in the world of personalized nutrition. It allows users to create customized meal plans tailored to their dietary preferences, nutritional requirements, and calorie goals. With the help of advanced algorithms, Eat This Much provides a vast array of meal suggestions, ensuring a varied and balanced diet for users. Whether someone follows a vegan diet, paleo, or keto, our platform can generate appropriate meals, saving users time and making meal planning a delightful experience.
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